Learning resources

Whether you are an educator seeking to enhance your classroom, expand your professional skills, or plan a Brookfield Zoo Chicago field trip, you will find an array of resources here to support you and your students. From inspiring professional development opportunties to engaging multimedia content, all of our resources are designed to ignite curiosity, promote critical thinking, and foster a love for science learning in the captivating world of conservation science and STEAM.

Classroom Resources

Birding Checklist

Care & Conservation

Field Trips

In-Park Tree Guide

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Virtual Programming & Digital Resources 

Bringing the Zoo to You

Bringing the Play Zoo to You

Dr. Mike's Video Blog

BZC Insights Blog

Dolphin Blog

Illinois Monarch Project

Lecture series

Marine Science & Conservation: Lessons for Students

Understanding Climate Change, Free E-Book!

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Professional Resources

Advanced INquiry Master's Degree 

Teaching safari Professional Development

Educator Workshops & Webinars

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