Brookfield Zoo Chicago Young Professional Volunteer Board (BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board) is a group of volunteers that consists of young professionals from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Joining this exclusive group provides members with vast growth opportunities and incredible benefits.

BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board members have access to exciting opportunities for professional and social networking, including after-work functions, special events, family-friendly activities, and popular behind-the-scenes tours at the zoo! The Board is always looking for fun and innovative ways to support BZC! 

Who We Are & Our Mission
The BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board is a volunteer group of dedicated young professionals who share an interest in animals and conservation. As Society ambassadors, they support BZC through fundraising events, conservation education, and advocating public awareness for the Zoo’s animals, research, fieldwork, and education programs. Members provide an essential role in assisting BZC and its future, and further define the BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board's role and responsibilities supporting a leading zoological institution in the 21st century.



Basic membership requirements for the BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board include completing an application, talking with a BZC Development team member and Membership Committee member. BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board members commit to participation and other expectations, which are reviewed and revised on an annual basis.
Good standing requirements:
•Commit to promoting the mission of the Board as well as Brookfield Zoo Chicago
•Serve on at least one subcommittee (i.e. Membership & Engagement or Fundraising & Events)
•Meet all minimum attendance requirements for quarterly meetings, recruitment events, and prospecting tours
•Join our valued family of donors by making a minimum charitable donation of $500 in support of the Zoo’s Annual Fund
•Help meet business-related expenses with annual dues of $150.00
•Support one or more BZC special events (i.e. Whirl, Conservation Dinner)

In gratitude for their service and support, members enjoy many benefits, which include:
•Professional and social networking opportunities
•Complimentary general admission, parking, and other discounted benefits
•Opportunity to host potential BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board at prospecting tours of the zoo highlighting various animals and exhibits with unique animal experiences
•Priority registration for Zoo Camp
•Discounted tickets to Zoo-wide events
•Invitations to family-friendly events, special previews, and engagement opportunities




The BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board host networking events, happy hours, virtual recruitment opportunities, and prospecting tours on an ongoing basis. Please email to learn more about upcoming events! 

If you would like to be considered for membership with the BZC Young Professional Volunteer Board, please email for more information. Our online application will be available soon.