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Young giraffe calf "Dave" enjoys warm weather recently as painted dogs look on Brookfield Zoo.
The giraffes at Brookfield Zoo are enjoying access to the outdoor habitat for the first time this year—a sure sign of spring!  The herd includes Mithra, a 22-year-old female; Franny, a 21-year-old female and her 6-year-old daughter, Arnieta; Jasiri, a 7-year-old female; and Dave, Arnieta’s 5-month-old calf, who made his outdoor debut recently. Hasani, a 4-year-old male, has access to the outdoors but is currently separated from the others. Reticulated giraffes’ are native to northeast Kenya in Africa, so the outdoor temperature at the zoo needs to be at least 45-50°F for them to have access outside. (During the winter months, visitors can see them indoors.)