Orangutan Husbandry Manual at Brookfield Zoo

This manual is dedicated to the memory of Sam, an orangutan and friend who inspired my devotion to orangutans and to the profession of zookeeping.

Carol Sodaro, Editor
Associate Curator of Mammals
Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo
Orangutan SSP Husbandry Advisor

Table of Contents

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• Orangutan Taxonomy and Nomenclature
Distribution, Conservation Status and Causes of Population Decline
Supporting Orangutan Conservation Projects
History of Orangutans in Captivity
• Behavioral Biology
Behavioral Biology Recommendations
Behavior Appendix - New
Mixed Species Exhibits - New
Birth Control Options - Outdated
Development, Reproduction and Birth Management - New
Hand-Rearing - Updated
Surrogate Mother Case Histories - New
Infant Development - Updated
Introductions - Updated
• Orangutan Caregiver Relationships- Updated
Cognition - Outdated
Positive Reinforcement Training - Updated
Environmental Enrichment- Updated October 2008
Veterinary Medical Management -New
Behavioral Manifestations of Disease - Current
Nutrition - Updated
Orangutan Browse List - New
Orangutan Genetic Diversity - Updated
Determination of Orangutan Subspecies using Genetic Techniques - Current
Cleaning and Disinfection - Outdated
Escapes -Current
Shipping and Transport - Updated
Facility Design - Updated
Behavioral Research - Outdated
A.P.E.S. - New
Record Keeping Recommendations - Updated
• Orangutan Enrichment Catalogue - New