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Fall Lecture Series 2014

Please Note: If you are a Bison Circle, Supporting, Sustaining, Governing, or Living Legacy Member, tickets are free. At these levels, you may request tickets for as many people as are listed on your membership card.

Living with Elephants: Conservation and Botswana
By Dr. Kate Evans
October 7

As the founder of Elephants for Africa, Dr. Kate Evans has dedicated her life to the research and conservation of African Elephants. Botswana is home to the largest remaining elephant population in the world. Dr. Evans's work is dedicated to researching ways for humans and elephants to live together harmoniously and conserve the species. Spend your evening with Brookfield Zoo listening to Dr. Evan's stories of these amazing pachyderms.
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Conserving the Grevy's Zebra in Kenya
By Peter Lalampaa

Peter Lalampaa is the Field Director of the Grevy’s Zebra Trust working in northern Kenya with pastoral communities to address the decline of Grevy’s zebra, an endangered species. Peter was brought up in pastoral system where he herded livestock before pursuing his career. Coming from Samburu, Kenya, Peter has a special affinity for the area and a desire to give back to his community and the land they depend on. This connection has strengthened his dedication to wildlife conservation as he recognizes that the future of pastoral livelihoods is also dependent on the same resources. Thus by conserving wildlife and its habitat he will also be able to improve the livelihoods of his people, creating a win-win situation.
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Vital Ground for Grizzlies
By Dr. Gary Wolfe
November 4

Gary has been the executive director of The Vital Ground Foundation since October 2004 and his work is enthusiastically supported by CZS. Vital Ground ( works to ensure the recovery and long-term survival of grizzly bears—together with the many native species that share their range—through the protection and restoration of core habitats and landscape linkages.
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