Pavilion at Brookfield Zoo

Nothing Else in Chicago Is Quite So Wild!

When it comes to setting a truly exotic stage for your special event, no place compares to Brookfield Zoo. Lions roar in the distance, monkeys chatter nearby, and a giraffe might even stretch his long neck in your direction to check out your party.

Our unique venues provide the perfect backdrop for any event--from company picnics to formal affairs, weddings to bar mitzvahs. Plus, our top-notch catering staff and professional culinary team will ensure that your event is elegant and virtually effortless.

Discover which spectacular venue is right for your event...

Explore Our Exciting New Venue: The Pavilions at Brookfield Zoo

  Discovery Center at Brookfield Zoo   Discovery Center

Serving as Brookfield Zoo’s premier banquet facility, Discovery Center offers an array of room options ideal for receptions, banquets, dances, and business meetings.

Grand Ballroom
Capacity: 350 (reception); 300 (banquet rounds); 350 (theater)

Brookfield Room
Capacity: 100 (reception); 80 (banquet rounds); 80 (theater)

Riverside Lobby
Capacity: 150 (reception)
Capacity: 250 (reception); 150 (banquet); 150 (theater);
40 (u-shaped)

This beautiful banquet and meeting facility features hardwood floors, hand-carved South American artwork, and stunning balcony views. Available for receptions, dinners, dances, and meetings.
  Bocaditos at Brookfield Zoo  
  As part of your evening at Brookfield Zoo, treat your guests to “Cocktails with the Animals.” View fascinating animals from around the world and enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres amid the beautiful décor of one of our world-class exhibits. Some animal exhibits can accommodate dining.
  Tropic World
Capacity: 400 (reception)

Explore the lush rain-forest canopies of Africa while monkeys, apes, birds, and other amazing animals look on.
  Tropic World at Brookfield Zoo  
  The Swamp at Brookfield Zoo   The Swamp
Capacity: 400 (reception)
Drift along a Cajun country bayou and get close to alligators, wood storks, snapping turtles, river otters, and a host of other wetland creatures.
  Seven Seas
Capacity: 250 (reception)
Enjoy the graceful antics of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins as they provide a constantly changing backdrop to your festive event.
  Seven Seas at Brookfield Zoo  
  The Living Coast at Brookfield Zoo   The Living Coast
Capacity: 250 (reception)
Break away to the coastal waters of South America and see moon jellies, sharks, green sea turtles, and a myriad of sea creatures.
  Habitat Africa!
Capacity: 250 (reception)
Visit the plains of Africa and mingle with giraffes and other magnificent animals as they move gracefully across the savannah. Both indoor and outdoor event venues are available.
  Habitat Africa! at Brookfield Zoo  
  Feathers and Scales at Brookfield Zoo   Feathers and Scales: Birds, Reptiles, and Amphibians
Capacity: 150 (reception)
Your event will soar to new heights in this newly rennovated exhibit a variety of fine-feathered friends, including hornbills, toucan, cookoos, and roadrunners.
  Pinniped Point
Capacity: 250 (reception)
Watch sea lions and seals splish and splash in their open-air exhibit. Go nose to nose with these playful pinnipeds as they glide past you in the Underwater Viewing Area.
  Pinniped Point at Brookfield Zoo  
  Butterflies! at Brookfield Zoo   Butterflies!
Capacity: 100 (reception)
Discover hundreds of dazzling butterflies flitting about in this lush, open-air, garden setting. This seasonal exhibit is open late May through mid-September.